Leela Jacobs is a burgeoning genderless, Canadian brand that specializes in crafting luxury leather accessories. The debut design of leather toques was a style of hat our designer, Leela sought after for herself thus designing one. She modelled it from the traditional knit toque and altered the shape to increase comfort.

With a background as a hairstylist and in couture fashion creating a comfortable fit was important to Leela. The fabric chosen for the lining minimizes friction on the hair while reducing static. The shape of the toque was constructed in a way that you almost don't feel it on your head at all. Functional fashion is priority to our brand.


Fashion and styling have played a significant role in Leela's life. With a strong foundation from a renowned Couture fashion school, she embarked on her career as a fashion designer. Specializing in leatherwork millinery, Leela is drawn to creating functional, stylish accessories. An innovator at heart and using her experiences in the hair industry and the fashion industry, Leela adds her unique twist to everything she creates.

As a Canadian Leather Work Milliner, Leela aims to elevate functional styles, as exemplified by her debut line of slouch toques. Redefining the conventional toque, she ensures optimal comfort without compromising on making a bold statement. Embodying luxe street style, these toques epitomize the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.